no.1; the Prayer, 6ft tall praying mantis with red dreadlocks on his antenna.

no.2; Abbadon (Devil, Satan,Lucifer, etc) is the Devil has the same powers as Daniel X execpt he has destructive power and not creative. His home planet is Alpar Nok. Family: Daniel X (Cousin)

no.3;is 70% fire and is able to possess people.

no.5; an insane AI that possessed an alien catfish, he uses electricity to control people.

no.6;Ergent Seth; there are other aliens of his race mentioned in the manga/book, one of them was named Kroth-Gark metallic faceless humanoids

no. 7; Colin Gygax, an alien disguised as a video game designer that brainwashes humans. Married to #8 and has a son

no. 8; The wife of Colin Gygax, Ellie Gygax helps her husband with their plans. They both love to hunt rare species to extinction, and there next target is humans.

no.19; Orking, a shape shifter.

a shape-shifting protoplasm that Daniel fought in London

a civilization of insect aliens in Cuernavaca, Mexico

self-replicating machines in Detroit

a billon 'little wailing mouths' connected through a single mind in Hamburg, Germany

Alparians. Daniel's species of people from Alpar Nok. Certain ones have special abilities and Daniel believes them to be the only 'good aliens'. they were called the planet of alien hunters until Firstrike and bombing from Ergent Seth. they call other aliens other than humans and themselves 'outer ones'. they have much in common with humans, near to same atmosphere and life forms, so the Alparians wanted to protect the humans.

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