Number 5
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Race computer virus
Gender male
Affiliation None
Occupation television producer
Status Deceased
First Appearance Daniel X: Watch the Skies
Last Appearance Daniel X: Watch the Skies

Number Five is the main antagonist in Daniel X: Watch the Skies and is ranked five on The List.

Appearance and AbilityEdit

Number 5 is an insane Ai hooked up to a giant electric tentacled catfish. Incredibly intelligent and prepared for nearly every thing, that is coupled with a sadism. Its hosts powers are electromagnetic manipulation, discharging massive amounts of electricity, ability to read and control neural networking by manipulating the electricity in brains. The Ai increases its hosts power by the ability to observe and speak through all electronics.


Landing at EarthEdit

Number Five landed at Hollywood, California with his crew and Number 12 to begin the takeover. He calls in the fire department, forces them to dance the liquifies them. Next, he took over the television studio, KHAW, and sent alien eggs hidden in caviar to all the women in Hollywood.


Daniel X arrived in Hollywood to terminate Number 5, but due to Number 5's ability to inhabit any electronic device, Daniel X was unable to surprise him. Finally, Number 5 confronts Daniel X and the final battle takes place. Daniel X is forced to surrender but then he gets an idea. As a storm starts overhead Daniel X accepts Number 5's embrace. Then he holds up his silver necklace and a lightning bolt strikes Number 5, killing him. However, since Number Five was a computer virus, he still inhabited all electronic devices so Daniel X collected every single one in Hollywood and threw them in the lake, finally killing Number 5.