Cover Tile Summary Release Date
Tddodx1 The Dangerous Days Of Daniel X Daniel X was born with the world's most extraordinary power.

With his secret ability, to get he can conjure anything and everything, from inanimate objects to living, breathing people. This talent has helped him survive-but couldn't save his parents from being brutally murdered. Discovering a strange list of names, Daniel vows to complete his father's mysterious mission and hunt down his family's Assassin.


July 21, 2008
Dxwts1 Daniel X: Watch the Skies(novel) (Fixing) June 15, 2010
Daniel3 Daniel X: Demons and Druids(novel) (Fixing) July 26, 2010
Book4 Daniel X: Game Over(novel) (Fixing) September 2011
DXbook2 Daniel X: Game Over(novel) (Fixing) -
Book6 Daniel X: Lights Out(novel) (Fixing) -